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Various Artists

Recorded: 1968-1969. Issued in 1998.

a. Monte Cristo - No. 4 (aka Ferris Wheel
     - Gabor Szabo (from DREAMS)
b. Romeo Y Julieta - Cedros No. 3
     (aka Fried Bananas)
     - Cal Tjader (from SOLAR HEAT)
c. Hoyo de Monterrey - Demi-Tassa
(aka Red Onions)
     - Armando Peraza (from WILD THING)
d. Partagas - No. 4 (aka Solar Heat)
     - Cal Tjader (from SOLAR HEAT)
e. JosÚ MartÝ - Petit Cancero (aka Fire Dance)
     - Gabor Szabo (from DREAMS)
f. Macanudo - Petit Cancero
     (aka Galatea's Guitar)
     - Gabor Szabo (from DREAMS)
g. Arturo Fuente - Don Carlos No. 3
     (aka Amazon)
     - Cal Tjader (from SOLAR HEAT)
h. El Rey Del Mundo - Originale
     (aka Eye of the Devil)
     - Cal Tjader (from SOLAR HEAT)
i. Punch - Corona (aka Bacchanal)
     - Gabor Szabo (from BACCHANAL)

Issues: a-i on DCC Jazz DZS-148 [CD]

An interestingly conceived sampler of Skye's more Latin-oriented material. While value-priced, the collection feels skimpy at 39 minutes. But these songs sound good together; even more logical than Szabo's non-Latinates might suggest. A real bonus, though, is three of the four Szabo titles here -- the best numbers from the DREAMS album. The names of famous cigars are inexplicably assigned to the songs, giving the compilation a whiff of cheesy commercialism and the questionable feel of something illegitimate. But, rest assured, this is the real thing. Special credit is due Gary McFarland, whose music is unaccountably missing from this sampler. His pristine production becomes especially notable in the digital age.