Comparing the LRC and the P-Vine CD editions:
Prior to the 'auditing' of the music, there's an obvious visual and tactile difference. The P-Vine case is of better quality (e.g. the disc clips in and out of the center spindle easily and precisely, and the case is a less brittle plastic). The front picture of the band has a wider field-of-view and is less washed-out looking than the LRC. The booklet includes a smaller booklet in Japanese.

The P-Vine CD has more evenly applied 'paint' on the printed side. Even the 'read' surface has a far more evenly applied metallic coating.

Initial impression was that the P-Vine is a higher quality product, an example of the now famous Japanese quality control. 
Now the sounds.
For most, I suspect, the difference(s) in the recordings are too subtle for much concern. Because I had challenged myself to an in-depth 'A-B' exercise, and due to my rapture with this performance, I was delighted for the excuse to go through them many times. 
They are certainly from the same source, and the first 3 3/4 tracks are somewhat degraded compared to the rest, in both discs.  My sense is that the P-Vine has more carefully controlled L-R balance and stereo imaging. There is some spurious noise subdued in various spots on the P-Vine, and amplitudes are adjusted to 'smooth out' the album. Although very carefully tweaked, the P-Vine doesn't seem to have 'tricked' the source material at the expense of any of the musicians or their instruments.
The LRC has a more raw delivery. More of what a driving, live, 1973 R&B/funk session would be expected to sound like. Many sections of heavy, in your face bass, and screaming solos. 
Which to choose ?
Well.....for an 'active social gathering', or for dancing around by yourself (perhaps hoping no one is watching, or then again, not caring, even a little bit ), with the volume cranked, the LRC can certainly aid in achieving 'altered states'.
If it's time to sit back and get deeply into the music and/or the sound system, perhaps late at night, listening for the finer points, the P-Vine would be the best bet.
The LRC sounds more like a powerful, gritty, funky show, whereas the P-Vine seems to me to be more of a refined, jazz treatment. But to repeat myself, the differences will be subtle to most.