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Gary McFarland
Recorded: 1964-1968. Issued: 1998.

a. Fried Bananas (from THE IN SOUND)
b. Over Easy (from THE IN SOUND)
c. Wine & Bread (from THE IN SOUND)
d. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
     (from THE IN SOUND)
e. The Sting Of The Bee (from THE IN SOUND)
f. Anna (from THE IN SOUND sessions)
g. The Hills Of Verdugo (from THE IN SOUND)
h. Bloop Bleep (from THE IN SOUND)
i. Here I Am (from THE IN SOUND)

Note: Other titles without Gabor Szabo.

Issues: a-i on Motor (Ger) 533 912-2 [CD].
Compiler: Stefan Kassel & Matthias Künnecke
Notes: Douglas Payne 

An excellent collection of the best pop jazz Gary McFarland recorded for Verve between 1964 and 1968. Nearly all titles from THE IN SOUND are featured here, showcasing some of Gabor Szabo's most eloquent, economic playing on record.