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Gabor Szabo
Mercury SRM-1-1091
Sigma Sound Studios; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: April 1976
Bunndino Siggalucci (aka Bunny Sigler) (p,g); Jimmy Sigler (org); Dexter Wansel (synth); Gabor Szabo, Theodore Life, Ken Miller (g); Raymond Earl (b); Scotty Miller (d); Johnnie McCann (cga,bgo); Ritchie Rome (arr) plus unidentified woodwinds and strings.

a. (2-52734) Concorde (Nighflight)  
     (Ritchie Rome/Gabor Szabo) - 6:48

same or similar, add Gabor Szabo, Theodore Life, Bunny Sigler (vcl).

b. (2-52735) Funny Face 
(Bunny Sigler/Ritchie Rome) - 2:59 

same or similar, Bunny Sigler (arr). Vocals out.

c. (2-52736) Baby Rattle Snake  
     (Bunny Sigler/Ken Miller) - 6:50 

same or similar, Bunny Sigler, Ritchie Rome (arr).

d. (2-52737) Theme for Gabor
     (Ritchie Rome) - 4:20 

same or similar, Gabor Szabo, Theodore Life (vcl); Bunny Sigler (vcl,arr).

e. (2-52738) Keep Smilin' 
     (Bunny Sigler/Alan Felter) - 7:24

same or similar, Ritchie Rome (arr). Vocals out.

f. (2-52739) Every Minute Counts  
     (Ritchie Rome/Gabor Szabo) - 6:49

same or similar, Gabor Szabo, Theodore Life (vcl); Bunny Sigler (vcl,arr).

g. (2-52740) Smooth Sailin'  
     (Theodore Life/Michael Holder) - 6:45 

same as above.

i. (2-52950) Keep Smilin' - 3:02 edit
j. (2-52951) Baby Rattle Snake - 3:21 edit
k. (2-52952) Smooth Sailin' - edit

Note: Carlos Santana used the brief bridge of "Every Minute Counts" as the basis for his song "Novus" (featuring Placido Domingo) on the 2002 issue, SHAMAN (Arista 07822-14737-2 [CD]), crediting the song to Carlos Santana, Gabor Szabo, Walter Afanaashepf, Greg DiGiovine and Ritchie Rome.

Issues: a-g on Mercury SRM-1-1091, Mercury MCR- 4-1-1091 [cassette], Mercury MC-8-1-1091 [8T]. 
Singles: i & j on Mercury 73840 [45]. e also on Mercury MK18 [12], Mercury (E) 9198 184 [12]. 
Samplers: e also on Mastercuts CUTSCD-23 [CD] titled CLASSIC JAZZ FUNK 5 (1994) and Steppin Muzak STMZ329.2 [CD] titled STEPPIN ACROSS THE U.S.A. VOLUME III.
Producer: Bunny Sigler
Engineer: Jim Gallagher
Notes: N/A

Disco hitmeister Bunny Seigler pairs the unique sound of Gabor Szabo here with a soulless group of Philadelphia studio musicians for a senseless exploration of money-making music. The guitarist is reduced to apathetic singing ("Keep Smiling") and comping furiously over repetitive dance riffs ("Baby Rattle Snake"). Of note, however, are the guitarist’s Latin-esque "Concorde (Nightflight)" and the interesting "Theme for Gabor." Not available on CD