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Gary McFarland
Lincoln Center Philharmonic Hall, New York: February 6, 1966
Clark Terry, Joe Newman, Bernie Glow, Bill Berry, John Frosk (tp,flhrn); Bob Brookmeyer, Jimmy Cleveland (tb); Bob Northern (frhrn); Jay McAllister (tu); Phil Woods (as,cl); Jerry Dodgion (as,cl,fl); Zoot Sims (ts,cl); Richie Kamuca (ts,bs,bcl,ehr); Jerome Richardson (bs,as,ss,cl,bcl,fl,pic); Gabor Szabo, Sam Brown (g); Richard Davis (b); Joe Cocuzzo (d); Gary McFarland (vib, marimba, arr,cond);  Tommy Lopez (per).

a. (90490) Winter Colors (Gary McFarland) - 8:55
     - An Early Morning River Stroll
     - Grey Afternoon
     - January Jubilee
b. ( 90491) Willie (Gary McFarland) - 3:18
c. ( 90492) Sage Hands (Gary McFarland) - 6:41
d. ( 90493) Bygones and Boogie (Boogie & Out)
(Gary McFarland) - 12:00
e. ( 90494) Mountain Heir (Gary McFarland) - 4:15
f. ( 90495) Milo's Other Samba
(Gary McFarland) - 5:35
g. I'll Write You a Poem (Gary McFarland)
h. Hiro's Mood (Gary McFarland) 
i. Reinstatement Blues (Gary McFarland) 
j. Pecos Pete (Gary McFarland) 
k. Straight, No Chaser (Thelonius Monk) 

Issues: a-f on Impulse A(S)9112. a-f also on Impulse A(S)9112 also on Impulse IA-9340-2 and MCA Impulse 2- 4143 titled THE DEDICATION SERIES VOL. IX - THE GREAT ARRANGERS: GIL EVANS/GARY MCFARLAND (1978). e also on Impulse AS9204-2 and MCA Impulse 2-4155 titled GABOR SZABO: HIS GREAT HITS (1971).
Producer: Bob Thiele
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder
Notes: Nat Hentoff