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  Gary McFarland
prob. New York: c. 1966

prob. Gary McFarland (p, arr); Gabor Szabo (g); Richard Davis (b); unknown (vcl).

a. One I Could Have Loved (vocal) 
     (Gary McFarland) - 2:22

same except, prob. Sadao Watanabe (f) replaces unknown vcl.

b. One I Could Have Loved (instrumental) 
(Gary McFarland) - 2:56

Issues: None (private demo).
Producer: Gary McFarland

From a tape owned by the Gary McFarland Estate, this private recording features McFarland's fairly well known theme to the film "Eye Of The Devil" in a vocal and instrumental version. The personnel is unknown, however, Gabor Szabo is readily identifiable, providing signature support to the male vocalist (who sounds very much like Matt Monro) on the vocal version and, in a differing manner altogether befitting the lead of the unknown flutist (probably Sadao Watanabe) on the instrumental version. Truly provocative.