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Gabor Szabo

Recorded: 1972-1978. Issued: 2001. 

a. Impression of My Country
     (from SMALL WORLD)
b. Concerto de Aranjuez (from SMALL WORLD)
c. People (from SMALL WORLD)
d. My Kind of People (from SMALL WORLD)
e. Lilac-Glen (from SMALL WORLD)
f. Mizrab (from SMALL WORLD)
g. Foothill Patrol (from SMALL WORLD)
h. Another Dream (from SMALL WORLD)
i. 24 Carat (from BELSTA RIVER)
j. Django (from BELSTA RIVER)
k. First Tune in the Morning (from BELSTA RIVER)
l. Stormy (from BELSTA RIVER)

Issues: a-l on Four Leaf Clover (Swd) FLCCD-2001/2 [CD], Four Leaf Clover (Jap) PCD-3674-5 [CD]. 
Producer: Lars Samuelson

An excellent and long-awaited collection pairing two of Gabor Szabo's lesser known and strongest solo sets. Both SMALL WORLD (1972) and BELSTA RIVER (1978) are featured in their entirety here and represent the two recordings Szabo made while in Stockholm, Sweden, visiting fellow Hungarian émigré and early musical partner, Peter Totth. Although producer Lars Samuelson has indicated the existence of extra tracks from both sessions, none appear here. What's here, however, journeys through a nearly seamless gamut of pop and rock to jazz and classical. Highlights include a lovely reading of Rodrigo's "Concerto de Aranjuez" for solo guitar and the provocative guitar/bass reading of John Lewis's "Django." Interesting variations of several Szabo staples are here too - from the pop covers of "People" and "Stormy" to "Mizrab," one of the guitarist's most enduring and enchanting melodies.