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Creed Taylor left Verve Records in 1967 to accept a lucrative offer producing records for a new jazz division of Herb Alpert's highly successful independent pop label, A&M Records. Taylor was guaranteed $1,000,000 over a five-year period by Alpert's organization. More...

1967 A Day In The Life
Wes Montgomery
Issues: A&M LP 2001, A&M SP 3001, A&M SP-9-3001
Master No: SP-3001/SP-3002 (CTS3001/CTS3002)
  Classics Volume 22 (issued 1990)
aka Greatest Hits (issued 1996)
Wes Montgomery
A&M SP-4247 [CD], A&M 31454 0519 2 [CD]
Master No.: N/A
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Issues: A&M LP 2002, A&M SP 3002
Master No.: SP-3003/SP-3004
  Wave (reissue)
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Issues: A&M SP 3002, A&M SP-9-3002
Master No.: SP-3003/SP-3004
  Glory Of Love
Herbie Mann
Issues: A&M LP 2003, A&M SP 3003, A&M SP-9-3003
Master No.: SP-3005/SP-3006
  We And The Sea
Tamba 4
Issues: A&M LP 2004, A&M SP 3004
Master No.: SP-3007/SP-3008
  You, Baby
Nat Adderley
Issues: A&M SP 3005, A&M SP-9-3005
Master No.: SP-3009/SP-3010
1967-68 Down Here On The Ground
Wes Montgomery
Issues: A&M SP 3006, A&M SP-9-3006
Master No.: CTS3011/CTS3012 (SP-3011/SP-3012)
1968 Have You Met Miss Jones?
Artie Butler
Issues: A&M SP 3007
Master No.: SP-3013/SP-3014
K. & J.J.
Issues: A&M LP-2008, A&M SP 3008, A&M SP-9-3008
Master No.: SP-3015/SP-3016 (CTS3015/CTS3016)
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