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CTI Records: 1989-Now - Past Perfect Silver Line (German CTI Reissues)

At the turn of the century, a German organization, T.I.M. (The International Music Company AG), began to package and reissue several of the CTI releases made during the 1990s under a label known as Past Perfect Silver Line (or just "Past Perfect" or just "Silver Line"). While the legitimacy of these issues is certainly questionable, the "Past Perfect" nomenclature was misappropriated from a British company that took legal action against the T.I.M. Company, preventing further production and distribution of these CDs, despite the fact that many retailers continue to have stock of these incredibly slipshod compilations. The discs are odd in a number of ways. While they originated from Germany, Japanese writing appears within the discs' "logo". Each disk is budget priced. But all include a glossy slipcase that oddly highlights extremely cheap-looking cover art featuring a cropped black and white photo of the artist. The Jim Hall disc and the Dizzy Gillespie disc (which wasn't even issued under the trumpeter's name when it was first issued) are notable here for the bizarre use of photographs which obviously predate the artist's recording of the music by a few decades. Most interesting of all is that Creed Taylor's name is not to be found anywhere on any one of these Creed Taylor productions. Otherwise, the only differences between these and the original releases is that Larry Coryell's Inner City Blues turns out to be a compilation of his CTI recordings and the Jack Wilkins disk, Jamba, turns out to be an exact reissue of the compilation disc originally titled Mexico

2000 Inner City Blues
Larry Coryell
Past Perfect Silver Line (Ger) 204237-203 [CD]
2001 Rhythmstick
Dizzy Gillespie Feat Phil Woods, Art Farmer,
Benny Golson And Many Other
Past Perfect Silver Line (Ger) 205705-203 [CD]
  The Proper Angle
Charles Fambrough
Past Perfect Silver Line (Ger) 205709-203 [CD]
  Live From Bahia
Larry Coryell
Past Perfect Silver Line (Ger) 205710-203 [CD]
Jim Hall
Past Perfect Silver Line (Ger) 205712-203 [CD]
2002 Jamba
Jack Wilkins Feat. Phil Woods
Past Perfect Silver Line (Ger) 220399-203 [CD]
Kenny WheelerJürgen Friedrich Quartet
Past Perfect Silver Line (Ger) 220345-203 [CD]