CTI Records
A&M - AMP  SERIES (Distributed by ALFA Records affiliated with Warner Pioneer)
(special thanks to Hiroaki Hirai)
AMP-18001 [LP] Wes Montgomery A Day In The Life
  AMP-18002 [LP] Wes Montgomery Down Here On The Ground  
AMP-18003 [LP] Antonio Carlos Jobim Wave
  AMP-18004 [LP] Quincy Jones Walking In Space  
AMP-18005 [LP] George Benson I Got A Woman And Some Blues
  AMP-18006 [LP] George Benson Shape Of Things To Come  
AMP-18007 [LP] Paul Desmond Summertime
  AMP-18008 [LP] Tamba 4 We And The Sea  
AMP-18009 [LP] Herbie Mann Glory Of Love
  AMP-18010 [LP] Artie Butler Have You Met Miss Jones?  
AMP-18011 [LP] Wes Montgomery Road Song
  AMP-18012 [LP] Antonio Carlos Jobim Tide  
AMP-18013 [LP] Quincy Jones Gula Matari
  AMP-18014 [LP] George Benson The Other Side Of Abbey Road  
AMP-18015 [LP] George Benson Tell It Like It Is
  AMP-18016 [LP] Paul Desmond From The Hot Afternoon  
AMP-18017 [LP] Soul Flutes Trust In Me
  AMP-18018 [LP] K & J.J. Israel  
AMP-18019 [LP] Nat Adderley You, Baby
  AMP-18029 [LP] Walter Wanderley When It Was Done