CTI Records
1978 (?) (special thanks to Sunao Kawasaki)
  LAX-137 ??? [LP] Phil Upchurch Upchurch/Tennyson  
LAX-138 ??? [LP] Grant Green The Main Attraction
  LAX-3171 [LP] Deodato Prelude  
  LAX-3172 [LP] Bob James One  
LAX-3173 [LP] Lalo Schifrin Black Widow
  LAX-3174 [LP] Hubert Laws The Rite Of Spring  
LAX-3175 [LP] George Benson Beyond The Blue Horizon
  LAX-3176 [LP] Freddie Hubbard Red Clay  
  LAX-3177 [LP] Stanley Turrentine Sugar  
LAX-3178 [LP] Antonio Carlos Jobim Stone Flower
  LAX-3179 [LP] Astrud Gilberto Gilberto With Turrentine  
LAX-3180 [LP] Joe Farrell Outback
LAX-3181 [LP] Airto  Free
LAX-3182 [LP] Milt Jackson Sunflower
  LAX-3183 [LP] Paul Desmond Skylark  
LAX-3184 [LP] Ron Carter Spanish Blue
LAX-3185 [LP] Freddie Hubbard/
Stanley Turrentine
In Concert
LAX-3186 [LP] Jim Hall Concierto
  LAX-3187 [LP] Deodato Deodato 2  
LAX-3188 [LP] Bob James Two
  LAX-3189 [LP] Lalo Schifrin  Towering Toccata  
LAX-3190 [LP] Hubert Laws The San Francisco Concert
  LAX-3191 [LP] George Benson White Rabbit  
LAX-3192 [LP] Freddie Hubbard Sky Dive
  LAX-3193 [LP] Stanley Turrentine
with Milt Jackson
LAX-3194 [LP] Bill Evans Montreux II
  LAX-3195 [LP] Chet Baker She Was Too Good To Me  
LAX-3196 [LP] Gabor Szabo Macho
  LAX-3197 [LP] New York Jazz Quartet In Concert - In Japan  
LAX-3198 [LP] Kenny Burrell God Bless The Child
  LAX-3199 [LP] Ron Carter Yellow & Green   
LAX-3200/01 [LP] CTI All Stars California Concert
  LAX-3211 [LP] Ron Carter Anything Goes  
LAX-3212 [LP] Grover Washington, Jr.  Mister Magic
  LAX-3213 [LP] Grover Washington, Jr. Feels So Good  
LAX-3214 [LP] Hank Crawford Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
  LAX-3215 [LP] Hank Crawford I Hear A Symphony  
LAX-3216 [LP] Idris Muhammad Power Of Soul
  LAX-3217 [LP] Johnny Hammond Breakout  
LAX-3218 [LP] David Matthews Shoogie Wanna Boogie
  LAX-3219 [LP] Esther Phillips What A Diff'rence A Day Makes  
LAX-3220 [LP] Esther Phillips Alone Again, Naturally
  LAX-3221 [LP] George Benson In Concert - Carnegie Hall  
LAX-3222 [LP] George Benson Bad Benson
  LAX-3223 [LP] George Benson Body Talk  
LAX-3224 [LP] Hubert Laws Afro-Classic
  LAX-3225 [LP] Freddie Hubbard Straight Life  
LAX-3226 [LP] Freddie Hubbard Keep Your Soul Together
  LAX-3227 [LP] Stanley Turrentine Salt Song  
LAX-3228 [LP] Gerry Mulligan/
Chet Baker
Carnegie Hall Concert
Volume One
  LAX-3229 [LP] Gerry Mulligan/
Chet Baker
Carnegie Hall Concert
Volume Two
LAX-3230 [LP] Ron Carter Blues Farm
  LAX-3231 [LP] Milt Jackson with
Hubert Laws
LAX-3232 [LP] Milt Jackson Olinga
  LAX-3233 [LP] Deodato/Airto In Concert  
LAX-3234 [LP] Gabor Szabo Mizrab
  LAX-3235 [LP] Bob James Three  
LAX-3236 [LP] CTI All Stars CTI Summer Jazz At The Hollywood Bowl - Live One
LAX-3237 [LP] CTI All Stars CTI Summer Jazz At The Hollywood Bowl - Live Two
LAX-3238 [LP] CTI All Stars CTI Summer Jazz At The Hollywood Bowl - Live Three
  LAX-3239 [LP] George Benson Good King Bad  
LAX-3240 [LP] George Benson/
Joe Farrell
Benson & Farrell
  LAX-3241 [LP] Hubert Laws The Chicago Theme  
LAX-3242 [LP] Freddie Hubbard First Light
  LAX-3243 [LP] Stanley Turrentine The Sugar Man  
LAX-3244 [LP] Paul Desmond Pure Desmond
  LAX-3245 [LP] Joe Farrell Joe Farrell Quartet  
LAX-3246 [LP] Ron Carter All Blues
  LAX-3247 [LP] Hancock/Hubbard/
In Concert - Volume Two  
LAX-3248 [LP] Gabor Szabo Rambler
  LAX-3249 [LP] Bob James BJ4  
LAX-3250-51 [LP] Don Sebesky Giant Box
LAX-3252 [LP] Eric Gale Forecast
  LAX-3253 [LP] Grover Washington. Jr. All The King's Horses  
LAX-3254 [LP] Grover Washington, Jr. A Secret Place
  LAX-3255-56 [LP] Grover Washington, Jr. Live At The Bijou  
  LAX-3257 [LP] Hank Crawford Help Me Make It Through The Night  
LAX-3258 [LP] Hank Crawford Tico Rico
  LAX-3259 [LP] Idris Muhammad House Of The Rising Sun  
LAX-3260 [LP] Esther Phillips Black-Eyed Blues
  LAX-3261 [LP] Esther Phillips For All We Know  
LAX-3262 [LP] Esther Phillips Capricorn Princess
  LAX-3263 [LP] Art Farmer Crawl Space  
LAX-3264 [LP] Art Farmer Something You Got
  LAX-3265 [LP] Hubert Laws Crying Song  
LAX-3266 [LP] Freddie Hubbard The Baddest Hubbard
  LAX-3267 [LP] Stanley Turrentine The Baddest Turrentine  
LAX-3268 [LP] Joe Farrell Moon Germs
  LAX-3269 [LP] Airto Fingers  
LAX-3270 [LP] Urbie Green The Fox
  LAX-3271 [LP] Don Sebesky The Rape Of El Morro  
  LAX-3272 [LP] David Matthews Dune  
  LAX-3273 [LP] Nina Simone Baltimore  
LAX-3274 [LP] Seawind Seawind
  LAX-3275 [LP] Patti Austin End Of A Rainbow  
LAX-3276 [LP] Patti Austin Havana Candy
  LAX-3277 [LP] Patti Austin Live At The Bottom Line  
LAX-3278 [LP] Art Farmer/
Jim Hall
Big Blues
LAX-3279 [LP] Art Farmer with
Joe Henderson
LAX-3280 [LP] Hubert Laws Morning Star
  LAX-3281 [LP] Freddie Hubbard Polar AC  
LAX-3282 [LP] Stanley Turrentine Don't Mess With Mister T.
  LAX-3283 [LP] Joe Farrell Penny Arcade  
LAX-3284 [LP] Jeremy Steig Firefly
  LAX-3285 [LP] Yusef Lateef In A Temple Garden  
LAX-3286 [LP] Seawind Window Of A Child
  LAX-3287 [LP] George Benson Space