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Skye SK7

Jazz Heritage 513168M [CD]

Gabor Szabo
Los Angeles, California: August 6, 7 & 9, 1968

Gabor Szabo, Jim (Jimmy) Stewart (g); Louis Kabok (b); Jim Keltner (d); Hal Gordon (perc);
New York City: August 22, 1968
Tony Miranda, Ray Alonge, Brooks Tillotson (fhr); Gary McFarland (p,arr); Julius Schacter (vln); George Ricci (cello).

a. Galatea's Guitar (Gabor Szabo) - 5:33
b. Half the Day is the Night
    (Gary McFarland) - 4:23
c. Song of Injured Love (DeFalla) - 4:05
d. The Fortune Teller
(Gabor Szabo/Louis Kabok) - 4:28
e. Fire Dance (DeFalla) - 5:39
f. The Lady in the Moon (Gabor Szabo) - 5:13
g. Ferris Wheel (Donovan) - 5:27

Issues: a-g on Skye SK7, Skye SKC-7 [R2R], Buddah BDS7, Gryphon G-925, Jazz Heritage 513168M [CD], Skye (Sp) SK 1001 [CD], Muzak (Jap) MZCS-1062 [CD]. 
Singles: g & e on Skye 45-459 [45]. 
Samplers: a also on Lakeshore LAKO 341762 [CD] titled THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT - ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK. a, c, e & g also on El (E) ACMEM42CD [CD] titled LENA HORNE & GABOR SZABO. a & e also on Buddah BDS-20-SK titled BLOWIN' SOME OLD SMOKE (issued 1970). a & g also on DCC DJZ-702 [CD] titled LATIN JAZZ FOR LOVERS (issued 1999). a, e & g also on DCC DZS-148 [CD] titled CUBAN NIGHTS (issued 1998). a, c, e & g also on DCC Jazz DJZ-605 [CD], Sound Sol (Ger) 2830.052 [CD] and MMS Classix (NL) 903005-2 titled THE SZABO EQUATION: JAZZ/MYSTICISM/ EXOTICA (issued 1992). c (titled "Song Of Love") also on DCC DZS-701 [CD] titled EARLY MORNING JAZZ FOR LOVERS. g also on Muzak (Jap) MZCS-1053 [CD] titled
Producer: Gary McFarland
Engineer: Andy Richardson
Notes: Bill Ardis. Quote: James Joyce.

Here, Gabor Szabo ambitiously pairs his outstanding quintet (featuring Jimmy Stewart) with Gary McFarland’s subtle string and horn arrangements in a collection of originals, pop covers and classical reinterpretations. The result is a sort of accessible third-stream music. Szabo has many fine moments – and provides nice spaces for the beautiful guitar solos of Jimmy Stewart.

A version of this album (without original cover graphics) was issued on CD in 1992 by the Jazz Heritage label and is available for sale only with membership in the Musical Heritage Society.

Note: "Fire Dance" and "Galatea's Guitar" were used as part of the score to the film LA LINGUA DEL SANTO (also known as HOLY TONGUE) (Italy/2000), directed by Carlo Mazzacurati (special thanks to Géza Gábor Simon).