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Columbia CL1807 (mono)/
Columbia CS8607 (stereo)

Columbia CL1970 (mono)/
Columbia CS8770 (stereo)

Chico Hamilton Quintet
New York City: February 19, 1962

Garnett Brown (tb); Charles Lloyd (ts); Gabor Szabo (g); Albert Stinson (b); Chico Hamilton (d).

a. One For Joan (C.F. Lloyd) - 8:10

same, except Charles Lloyd (f).

b. Freedom Traveler (C.F. Lloyd) - 6:17
     - Part I - Prayer
     - Part II - Journey

same, except Charles Lloyd (ts).

c. Tales (C.F. Lloyd) - 5:00
d. Homeward (C.F. Lloyd) - 6:03

same, except Charles Lloyd (f).

e. A Rose for Booker (C.F. Lloyd) - 8:01

same, except, Charles Lloyd (ts).

f. Transfusion (C.F. Lloyd) - 4:57
g. One for Joan (C.F. Lloyd) - 8:10 

Issues: a-f on Columbia CL-1807 (mono), CS-8607 (stereo). Samplers: a also on Columbia G-30217, titled FILL YOUR HEAD WITH JAZZ: 25 ALL TIME GIANTS OF JAZZ (issued 1970) (as by Chico Hamilton and Gabor Szabo). a & b also on Columbia CS-9609, titled NIRVANA (as by Charles Lloyd) and Superbird (E) SBIRD2 0030 CD [CD] titled DISCOVERY! & NIRVANA (as by Charles Lloyd). g on Columbia CL-1970 (mono), Columbia CS-8770 (stereo) titled THE GIANTS OF JAZZ (issued 1962). 
Producer: Irving Townsend and Teo Macero
Engineer: Not Listed
Notes: Ralph J. Gleason

Charles Lloyd would reprise the "One for Joan" theme later in his career by re-titling it "Piercing the Veil," the tune which initiates his 1996 solo recording, ALL MY RELATIONS (ECM 78118-21557-2 [CD]).