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Chico Hamilton
New York City: August 26, 1965

Jimmy Cheatam (tb); Sadao Watanabe (as); Gabor Szabo (g); Albert Stinson (b); Chico Hamilton (d); Victor Pantoja, Willie Bobo (per).

a. (90361) Marcheta (Victor L. Schertzinger) - 4:00
b. (90362) Strange (J. Latouche/M. Fisher) - 4:46

New York City: August 27, 1965
Sadao Watanabe (f); Gabor Szabo (g); Albert Stinson (b); Chico Hamilton (d); Victor Pantoja, Willie Bobo (per).

c. (90368) Helena (Chico Hamilton) - 4:20
d. (90369) This Dream (L. Bricusse/
     A. Newley) - 3:17

same, Sadao Watanabe out.

e. (90370) Conquistadores (The Conquerors)
     (Hamilton/Bobo/Szabo/Thiele/Stinson) - 6:40
f. (90371) People (Bob Merrill/Jule Styne) - 6:06

same, add Sadao Watanabe (as)

g. (90372) El Chico (Chico Hamilton) - 4:06

same, add Jimmy Cheatam (tb). Sadao Watanabe (f).

h. (90373) El Moors (Chico Hamilton) - 2:22 

Note: Impulse AS-9102 was issued in July 2001 by Speakers Corner Records (Germany) as a 180 gram heavy vinyl audiophile LP.

Issues: a-h on Impulse A(S)-9102, MCA 638. 
Singles: e & f also on Impulse 45-241 [45] 
Samplers: c & h also on Impulse AS-9213-2 titled CHICO HAMILTON: HIS GREAT HITS (issued 1971). e also on Impulse (E) IMP-12412 [CD] titled CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' - JAZZ EXOTICA (issued 1999), Impulse (E) 5604012 [CD] titled THE IMPULSE ALBUM (issued 2000) and Impulse (Aus) 0600753318980 [CD] titled THE LOOK OF LOVE - A JOURNEY THROUGH THE VAULTS OF IMPULSE: COMPILED BY SAMIR H. KÖCK. e & f also on Impulse AS-9174 titled THE BEST OF CHICO HAMILTON (issued 1968). g also on Impulse IMP-1-66 (promo) titled IMPULSE RECORDS: SALESMAN SAMPLER JANUARY 1966
Producer: Bob Thiele
Engineer: Bob Simpson
Notes: Nat Hentoff

Carlos Santana often performed "Conquistadores" in concert and an excellent version is captured on the 1997 release of Santana's LIVE AT THE FILLMORE '68 (Columbia Legacy C2K 64860 [CD]) under the title "Conquistadores Rides Again." The altered title is probably the result of a renewed copyright following Chico Hamilton's 1993 performance of the tune on DANCING TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER (Soul Note 121291 [CD]) which only lists Hamilton as the song's writer.