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Jimmy Stewart on the Equipment of Gabor Szabo

"Gabor Szabo's sound was extremely unusual. That, coupled with his Hungarian field, made him one of the premier guitarists during the mid 60s and early 70s. Part of that sound came from his hands. The other part of the sound came from the type of instruments that he used." more...

Here guitarist, author and recording artist Jimmy Stewart discusses the equipment used by Gabor Szabo. Mr. Stewart was the guitarist with Gabor Szabo for close to six years. The two made made many recordings together and remained good friends through the remainder of Gabor Szabo's life. In addition to forming his own group in the early 1970s, Stewart went on to work extensively with Rod McKuen, Andy Williams and Barbra Streisand. He also contributed a monthly column to Guitar Player magazine for many years and has authored a great variety of books including JAZZ HARMONY, COMPLETE JAZZ GUITARIST and THE ART, HISTORY AND STYLE OF JAZZ GUITAR. Jimmy's latest release is MEMORABILIA (J-Bird).

Gabor Szabo's Equipment: Guitars
  • Martin Dreadnoughts
    >>>Martin D-45 (Primary Instrument)
    >>>Martin D-285
  • Ovation Custom Legend Acoustic
    >>>(with a DeArmond Model #210 pickup)
  • Gibson 1965 J160E
    >>>(single coil unit sits at the end of the fingerboard)
  • Howard Roberts Epiphone
  • Fender Stratocaster
    >>>(without tremolo bar, front pickup position)
  • Gibson celluloid Star Pick
    >>>(medium, sharp point of the pick rounded off)
  • Gibson - Mono Strings .013 - .056,
    third string wound (.026 wound)
  • Toby - circular (designed for player to sit on the top of it)
  • Fender - Twin Reverb, 100 Watt, 2 twelve-inch speakers
  • Benson - 1 twelve-inch speaker
    >>>(used as a backup amp, owned by Jimmy Stewart)
  Guitar Case
  • Hard-shell case
  Guitar Straps
  • Woven guitar strap, sometimes a genuine leather strap.
Jimmy Stewart's Equipment (While With Gabor Szabo)
  • Guild
    >>>Classical approx. 1964
    >>>Acoustic 12 string
  • Delvecchio - Classical
    >>>(hand-made by Laurindo Almedia specially
    >>>for Jimmy Stewart)
  • Baldwin - Classical with a Prismatone Pickup
  • Gibson ES-175 - electric
  • Baldwin C-1 amplifier for the Baldwin Classical guitar
  • Benson Amp for the electric jazz guitars