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Coke Escovedo
San Francisco, California: March 1976
Frank Mercurio (key,synth); Abel Zarate, Gabor Szabo (g); Mark Phillips (b); Glenn Symmonds (d); Coke Escovedo (timb,cga,per); plus Nathan Rubin and the San Francisco Soul Strings.

a. (2-52751) Diamond Dust (B. Holland)/
(T. Escovedo) - 2:44

Note: Other titles without Gabor Szabo.

Issues: a on Mercury SRM1-1085, Vivid Sound (Jap) VSCD-720 [CD].
Producer: Pat Gleeson. Assistant Producer: Coke Escovedo
Engineer: Neil Schwartz
Notes: N/A

The former Santana percussionist launched his brief solo recording career with COMIN' AT YA, a pop affair aimed at pleasing the disco crowd. Szabo makes one passing appearance on the all-too brief "Diamond Dust/Vida" (2:22), the album's sole instrumental. The intriguing Latin rhythm suits Szabo fine; and while the guitarist is heard in character and within his element here, Pat Gleeson's flashy pop production mutes Szabo's bubbling twang too far down in the mix. Indeed, Szabo's performance here, as with Charles Earland several months later, is most certainly overdubbed. But, in this case, he's mostly worthwhile too.