Born: October 23, 1933, Los Angeles, CA. Died: November 2, 1971; New York, NY

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Presented by Doug Payne with special thanks to Kristian St. Clair, Ian Shadwick & Masahiro Doi.

GARY McFARLAND was one of the more significant contributors to orchestral jazz during the 1960s. He distinguished himself as a witty composer, vibrant arranger,  communicative vibes player and, later, a premiere producer. This "adult prodigy," as critic Gene Lees called him, came to music rather late

in life and was only recorded during an all-too brief decade. But McFarland was an ingenious composer whose variety of musical moods revealed shades of complex emotional subtlety and clever childlike simplicity. This site is dedicated to Gary McFarland's jazz journey and musical legacy. all rights reserved.

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