a discography: presented by douglas payne
with very special thanks to debra fresquez and ben masumba robertson.
b: hugh ramopolo masekela: april 4, 1939: witbank, south africa 
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HUGH MASEKELA's distinct musical signature is much in evidence throughout a five-decade recording career that spans everything from jazz and pop to r & b and dance music. However, he is among the best known of "world music" artists for his extraordinary gift of wedding the musical traditions of his native South Africa with the sounds he loves from all other parts of the world. He's also heard widely on a variety of other recordings - from Bob Marley's earliest recordings to Buena Vista

Social Club bassist Cachaito Lopez's solo disc. Hugh Masekela is probably best known for his 1968 pop hit "Grazing In The Grass." But he has introduced a number of classics into the musical language including "Coal Train (Stimela)," "Bring Him Back Home," "In The Market Place," "U-Dwi" and "Soweto Blues" (for ex-wife Miriam Makeba). He continues to record actively and is an energetic and exciting concert draw, performing on a regular basis in venues and festivals throughout the world.

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