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Reprise R(S)-6084

Collectables COL-CD-6158 [CD]

Chico Hamilton Quintet
San Francisco/Los Angeles: January 19, 29, 31, 1963

George Bohannon (tb); Charles Lloyd (ts); Gabor Szabo (g); Albert Stinson (b); Chico Hamilton (d).

a. (20754) Love Song to a Baby (Charles Lloyd)
b. (20755) Sun Yen Sen (Charles Lloyd) - 5:55

same, except Charles Lloyd (f).

c. (20756) A Different Journey
     (Charles Lloyd) - 7:49

same, except Charles Lloyd (ts).

d. (20757) The Vulture (Charles Lloyd) - 4:14
e. (20758) Voice in the Night (Charles Lloyd) - 6:55
f. (20759) Island Blues (Charles Lloyd) - 1:43
g. (20760) One Sheridan Square
     (Charles Lloyd) - 15:10

Note: Charles Lloyd recorded "Sun Yen Sen" under the title "Secret Life Of the Forbidden City" for his 1999 recording HYPERION WITH HIGGINS (ECM 1784 440 014 000-2 [CD]).

Issues: b-g on Reprise R(S)-6078, Reprise (Jap) SHJ7485, Collectables COL-CD-6158 [CD]. 
Samplers: b, c & e-g also on Warner Bros. WB (F)56 239 titled THAT'S JAZZ (VOLUME 20) (issued 1976) (other titles without Gabor Szabo). c also on Reprise R(S)-6084 titled PORTRAITS IN JAZZ: THE SOUNDS OF '63 (issued 1963). 
Producer: Chuck Sagle
Engineer: Not Listed
Notes: Nat Hentoff

Terry Osborne's tenth edition of the Official Price Guide to Records indicates a 1973 45-rpm record issued under Gabor Szabo's name on the Reprise label. This is probably an inaccurate reference to this 1963 recording by Chico Hamilton.