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Skye SK15

Buddah BDS18SK

Buddah BDS-5669-2


Brentwood 40979 [CD]

Passport Audio 1058 [CD]


Lena Horne and Gabor Szabo
Los Angeles: October 11, 1969
A&R Recording Studios, New York; Oct.-Nov. 1969 (*)
Richard Tee (org); Gabor Szabo, Eric Gale, Cornell Dupree (g); Chuck Rainey (el-b); Grady Tate (d); Lena Horne (vcl); Gary McFarland (arr,con); plus unknown strings and horns.

a. Watch What Happens
(LeGrand/Gimbel/Demy) - 4:00

same or similar, add The Howard Roberts Chorale (vcl), Howard Roberts (vcl arr).

b. Something (George Harrison) - 3:08 

same or similar, The Howard Roberts Chorale, Howard Roberts out.

c. Everybody's Talking (Fred Neil) - 2:52
d. The Fool on the Hill (Lennon/McCartney) - 3:35
e. Yesterday When I Was Young (Aznavour/Kretzmer) - 3:58
f. Rocky Raccoon (Lennon/McCartney) - 3:27
g. My Mood is You (Carl Sigman) - 4:45
h. Message to Michael (Bacharach/David) - 3:14
i. In My Life (Lennon/McCartney) - 2:52

same or similar, without Gabor Szabo.

j. Nightwind (Scott/Kessler) - 3:35

Note: Most issues of this recording, and subsequently most sources, indicate the recording date of these sessions as "A&R Recording Studios, New York; October/November 1969." The October 11 date is listed in Walter Bruyninkx's Vocal Discography: Singers & Crooners 1917-1986 and DCC DJZ607 lists the recording date as November 1969. I believe both Los Angeles and New York locations were utilized during this time period, but other details are unavailable.

Issues: a-j on Skye SK15 (issued Spring 1970), Buddah BDS-5669-2, Ampex M815 [8T], Gryphon GCD 908 [CD], Muzak (Jap) MZCS-1043 [CD]. a-j also on Buddah BDS18SK, Gryphon G790, Teldec-Gryphon (Ger) 6.24451AT, Rhapsody (E) RHAP1, G(CD)908 [CD], DCC DJZ607 [CD], Sound Sol (Ger) 2830.072 [CD] titled WATCH WHAT HAPPENS. a-j also on Ember (E) NR5067 titled LENA HORNE: SOMETHING IN THE WAY SHE SINGS. a-j also on Parade (E)PAR2005 [CD] titled WITH LOVE FROM LENA (1990). a-j also on Buddah BDS5669-2 titled THE ESSENTIAL LENA HORNE FEATURING GABOR SZABO (1975). a-j also on MMS Classix (Dutch)9030072 [CD] titled THE ESSENTIAL LENA HORNE FEATURING GABOR SZABO. a-j also on All That's Jazz (F)ATJCD5958 [CD], Unidisc (Can) BDK-5669 [CD] titled THE ESSENTIAL LENA HORNE FEATURING GABOR SZABO (1991). a-j also on Brentwood 40979 [CD] titled MY MOOD IS YOU (2005). a-j also on Passport Audio 1058 [CD] titled EMPATHY (2006).
Singles: a & f also on Skye 4523 [45], Buddah BDA 215 [45], Radio Active Gold RD-60 [45].  
Samplers: a-j also on El (E) ACMEM42CD [CD] titled LENA HORNE & GABOR SZABO. a also on DCC 098 [CD] titled MUSIC FOR A BACHELOR'S DEN, VOLUME 8: SEX KITTENS IN HI-FI - THE BRUNETTES and Muzak (Jap) MZCS-1053 [CD] titled
Producer: Gary McFarland and Gabor Szabo. Executive Producer: Norman Schwartz with Ralph Harris.
Engineer: prob. Dave Sanders
Notes: Ira Gitler (Gryphon G790). Ira Gitler, Norman Schwartz (DCC Jazz DJZ-607 [CD]).

Originally released on Szabo’s Skye Records label as LENA & GABOR in 1970, this collection of pop covers finds the talented Ms. Horne capably performing staples like "Watch What Happens" and "Yesterday When I Was Young" with popular tunes by the Beatles and Harry Nilsson blandly arranged by Gary McFarland. Only the dazzling performance of "My Mood Is You" shows the amazing chemistry the singer and the guitarist generated on stage during infrequent collaborations over the years. Szabo proves himself to be an outstanding and sensitive accompanist.