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Gabor Szabo
Live At The Troubadour, Hollywood, California: early 1972
Gabor Szabo (g); Wolfgang Melz (el-b); John Dentz (d); Mailto Correa (aka Mayuto) (cga,perc).

a. Spellbinder (Gabor Szabo) - 7:50

same, add Charles Lloyd (f).

b. Sombrero Sam (Charles Lloyd) - 9:44

same, Tony Ortega (f,echoplex) replaces Charles Lloyd. 

c. Stormy (B. Buie/J. Cobb) - 9:36

same, add Tommy Eyre (key). Tony Ortega out.

d. People (J. Styne/B. Merrill)] - 9:36 

Note: Complete titled listed on the sleeve of Blue Thumb BTS 6014 is GABOR SZABO LIVE WITH CHARLES LLOYD FEATURING SPELLBINDER.

Issues: a-d on Blue Thumb BTS-6014.
Producer: Tommy LiPuma
Engineer: Bruce Botnick
Notes: N/A

Features Szabo where he shined brightest -- live. Good performances of reliable staples: "People," "Stormy" and, of course, "Spellbinder." "Sombrero Sam" features a brief, welcome reunion with Charles Lloyd. Released in 1974, this exceptionally well-recorded live date was probably recorded sometime during 1972. According to bassist Wolfgang Melz, the concert featured much more of Lloyd and Szabo together than is heard here -- as suggested by the brief snippet of tenor sax caught during the fade of "Sombrero Sam." Not available on CD.