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Gabor Szabo

Recorded: 1965-1971. Issued: 1982.

a. Caravan (from JAZZ RAGA) - 2:58
b. If You Don't Want My Love 
     (from HIGH CONTRAST) - 4:58
c. Breezin' (from HIGH CONTRAST) - 3:03
d. What Is This Thing Called Love 
     (from THE SORCERER) - 4:59
e. Gypsy Queen (from SPELLBINDER) - 5:10
f. Walk On By (from GYPSY '66) - 2:46
g. Little Boat (O Bar Quinho) 
(from THE SORCERER) - 4:14
h. Love Theme From Spartacus 

Issues: a-h on MCA 29065
Compiler: Sonny Carter
Notes: Jean Williams

Another rather aimless hodgepodge; this time exploiting MCA's ownership of both the Impulse and Blue Thumb catalogs. Unfortunately, only "Breezin" and "Gypsy Queen" are truly memorable from this collection.