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Gabor Szabo
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: December 1972
Bob James (el-p); Gabor Szabo (g, overdub g); Ron Carter (b); Billy Cobham (d); Ralph MacDonald (perc).

a. Mizrab (Gabor Szabo) - 9:35

Bob James (p); Gabor Szabo (g, overdub g); Ron Carter (b); Jack DeJohnette (d).

b. Thirteen (Gabor Szabo) - 9:18

Marvin Stamm (tp,flh); Wayne Andre (tb); James Buffington, Brooks Tillotson (frh); John Campo (b-cl,bassoon); Sidney Weinberg (oboe,eng hrn); Hubert Laws (f,b-f,al-f,picc); George Marge (oboe,cl,recorders); Bob James (el-p,arr,cond); Gabor Szabo (g); Ron Carter (b); Jack DeJohnette (d); Ralph MacDonald (perc); Max Ellen, Paul Gershman, Harold Kohan, Charles Libove, Joe Malim, David Nadien, John Pintaualle, Irving Spice (vln); Richard Dickler, Theodore Israel (viola); Charles McCracken, George Ricci, Alan Shulman (cello); Charles Israel (arco-b); Margaret Ross (harp).

c. It's Going To Take Some Time
     (Carole King) - 4:15

same or similar except Jack DeJohnette (d) replaces Billy Cobham.

d. Summer Breeze (Seals/Croft) - 6:07

same or similar except Ron Carter (arco-b).

e. Concerto #2 (based on the Andante from Dmitri Shostakovitch's "Piano Concerto No. 2 In F Major" - 1957) (Dmitri Shostakovich) - 7:20

Note: "It's Going To Take Some Time" recorded December 19, 1972.

Issues: a-e on CTI 6026, One Way (Br) OW-552, CTI (Jap) SR-3343, CTI (Jap) LAX-3234, CTI (Jap) KICJ-8317 [CD], CTI (Jap) KICJ-2188 [CD]. 
Singles: c also on CTI OJ-14 [45] (promotional only). 
Samplers: c also on CTI (Jap) GXC-3001/2 titled FOUR FACES (as by Bob James), CBS Associated ZK 45218 [CD] titled CTI MASTERS OF THE KEYBOARD and CTI (Jap) KICP 1058 [CD] titled TIME & LOVE - THE BOY WHO BECAME A BIRD - A TRIBUTE TO CTI.  e also on  CTI (Jap) K18P 6286/7 titled UNTITLED - CTI COLLECTION.
Producer: Creed Taylor 
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder. 
Notes: N/A 

Covers: "Mizrab," perhaps Gabor Szabo's finest composition, was performed as a preface to John Coltrane's "India" in 1994 by the PSYCHEDELIC GUITAR CIRCUS (Rykodisc RCD10347 [CD]), a guitar collective featuring Henry Kaiser (el-g), Steve Kimock (el-g), Harvey Mandel (el-g); Freddie Roulette (el-lap steel g, vcl), Bob Bralove (key), Bobby Vega (b) and John Hanes (d). Their beautiful version of "Mizrab" resembles the eclectic elegance of Szabo's "Flowers and Love," featured on Steve Allen's SONGS FOR GENTLE PEOPLE and the rhythmic basis for Szabo's later performances of "Mizrab." Lee Ritenour, who Szabo once introduced to Lena Horne as a replacement, also covered the song on his August 2002 release, RIT'S HOUSE (GRP 314 589 825-2 [CD]). Dan Sperber and Luke Casey also covered "Mizrab" with unique majesty on their 2003 disc, RELAXOMATIC PROJECTIONS (Antenna (NZ) 038 (5418602) [CD]).

Samples: "Mizrab" sampled by Lee Ritenour for "Mizrab" from RIT'S HOUSE, GRP 314 589 825-2 [CD] (2002).

Guitarist Gabor Szabo began his apprenticeship with Creed Taylor’s profitable but often critically-slighted CTI Records with this above-average collection of fusion and pop/jazz. The long Szabo compositions on side one, "Mizrab" and "Thirteen," are excellent showcases for the alluring, hypnotic and surprising chemistry between the guitarist and the electric keyboards of Bob James. Shostakovich, Carole King and Seals & Crofts get workouts here too. Szabo is in top-form on MIZRAB, well-supported by the excellent contributions of bassist Ron Carter and drummers Jack DeJohnette and Billy Cobham. Deserves to be reissued on CD.