Oliver Nelson

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 b: St. Louis, MO: June 4, 1932 d: Los Angeles, CA: October 27, 1975
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OLIVER NELSON is often remembered as the distinguished composer of such jazz classics as "Stolen Moments." 

During his all-too brief career, he also developed one of the most individual, highly soulful sounds on whichever reed instrument he played. 

However, it is his work as an outstanding and diverse arranger that brought Oliver Nelson the fame, fortune and derision his career too often suffers. He was also an accomplished classical and jazz composer of exemplary gifts. From the critically

heralded jazz frames he set for jazz icons Jimmy Smith, Thelonious Monk and Wes Montgomery to the lustrous pop settings he created for Nancy Wilson, James Brown, the Temptations and Diana Ross -- he assured himself constant employment. 

He also busied himself as a prolific film and television composer, penning such well-known music for Ironside, Night Gallery, The Six Million Dollar Man and Longstreet. This site is dedicated to Oliver Nelson's jazz journey and multi-varied musical legacy.

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