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  Gabor Szabo
Live at Hilton Hotel; Budapest, Hungary: January 1978
János Másik (el-p); Gabor Szabo, Gyula Babos (g); István Lerch (synth); Peter Dandó (b); János Solti (d); Imre Koszegi (perc).

a. Concorde (Nightflight)
     (Ritchie Rome/Gabor Szabo)
b. Magic Mystic Faces
     (Gabor Szabo/Sylvia St. James)
c. Django (John Lewis)
d. Stormy (B. Buie/J.R. Cobb)
e. The Last Song (Gabor Szabo)
f. The Biz (Bobby Lyle)

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The Biz



Directed by Pesten Ismét (?). Aired on Hungarian television on May 1978. Other than the video posted on YouTube, I've neither seen nor heard this music.